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Sept. 14th - Guest Night with the Poughkeepsie Newyorkers Barbershop Chorus

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U Can Sing 2 Night

September 14th 2005 Starting 7:00PM

Findout who the Newyorkers are -  Picture of officers
Sing sing sing.

1. Introductions

a. Get your Name Tag
b. FInd out who your “riser buddy” will be.

2. Find out what it's all about! 

a. Listen to a tag sung by a quartet
b. Learn to sing that tag
c. Lean a new tag with the entire chorus

3. Hear A Barbershop Song  

a. Listen to a quartet sing the song (4-part)
b. Learn a new song with the entire chorus

4. Watch A Video About Barbershoping 

a. “Singing is Life Video”

5. Refreshments

6. Listen To The Newyorkers Chorus & Individual Quartets 

7. Evening End 

a. Steve Hagerdon / Bob Hitchcock