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Poughkeepsie Newyorkers 50th Anniversary Update

May 23,2011

 11 days & counting!

Hey Newyorker!

Well, here we are 11 days until the Newyorkers 50th Anniversary Celebration. The chapter and past Newyorkers have been busily finalizing the details of the festivities. This update includes a schedule of the events for the weekend, details about participation in the show and the long awaited details for the afterglow. We've also included some addresses of the various venues at the end.


Thursday June 2 — Tech/Show Rehearsal — Haviland Middle School Tech work begins at 12 noon.
Show rehearsal - 6pm-10pm

Friday June 3 – 50th Anniversary Dinner - Poughkeepsie  Grand
Cocktails - 7:30PM
Dinner & Program-8:30PM-l 1:30PM

Saturday June 4 - Newyorkers Annual Show - Haviland Middle School - 3PM

Show Afterglow - Aloy's Restaurant - 6PM (see details below) Sunday June 5 -    Hudson River Cruise - Departs Newburgh at 1PM


In the first half of the show on Saturday Bill James will direct the chorus in singing "I Believe". Any past Newyorker is invited to join the chorus on stage for this song, and we will provide the opportunity for you to come onto the stage from the audience at this point in the show. Those individuals wishing to participate will be provided

with a red & white striped tie to wear on stage. We ask that you wear a white short sleeve, collared shirt to match the rest of the chorus.

At the end of the second half, Bill James will direct the chorus in "Keep the Whole World Singing" Again, past Newyorkers will be invited to come to the stage for this final song. There is no specific attire required for this, but feel free to wear the red & white tie from the first half.


Place: Aloy's Restaurant 157 Garden Street Poughkeepsie, NY  12601

Time: Immediately after annual show

Fare: Unlimited salad, pizza & soft drinks - cash bar

Price: $15.00/pp

For afterglow reservations contact Dick Schaffer at

or 845-562-1381

Payment may be made the day of the event, however we need to have a head count

for the restaurant so please make an effort to touch base with Dick if you plan on

attending. Make checks payable to Newyorkers Chorus

There's a lot still going on to get ready for next weekend. Thanks to all past and present members who have worked and continue to work to make this event happen. Hopefully we've been able to cover all the significant aspects of the weekend in this, the likely final, update. If we haven't or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or anyone else on the committee.

Steve Miller

Committee Chair

Newyorkers Chorus

Celebrating 50 years of harmony in 2011

845-462-4324 Home
845-265-9217 X23 Work


Steve Miller, Committee Chair, Show Staff-
Scott Salladin, Secretary, RSVP for dinner, show ticket sales, program ad sales

Eric Dickstein, Web Master, Show Staff, Member Contact -
Rick Greenop, Public Relations -
Larry Rand, Committee -
Frank Ruggiero, Committee -
John Chisholm, Committee -
Dick Schaffer, Committee —
Bob Chieffo -
Duke Nachbar, Committee (no e-mail)
Bill Standish, Committee, Show Staff-

Mike Monkowski, Committee, Show Staff-

Ron Pierson, Committee, Show Staff-

Venue Locations

Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel
40 Civic Center Plaza
 Poughkeepsie, NY

Haviland Middle School
23 Haviland Road
Hyde Park NY

Aloy's Garden Restaurant
157 Garden Street Poughkeepsie
, NY

Hudson River - River Rose Cruise Front Street Newburgh, NY

Come on our optional Boat RIde on Sunday, June 5th, 2011
Click the picture below for details!!



Poughkeepsie Newyorkers 50th Anniversary Update

April 1, 2011

63 days & counting!


Hey Newyorker!


By now you should have received an invitation for the 50th Anniversary Dinner and Show. Hopefully you have responded that you will be attending. If you have, we  would like to post your name on the Newyorkers website to let others know you will be part of the festivities. If you would prefer not to have your name listed, please let us know when you contact Scott Salladin, or drop him a line (see contacts below).



When confirming your attendance for dinner you do not need to indicate your meal choice. The Grand will have plenty available and you need only to place your order when you are seated. There will also be a vegetarian meal available (Pasta Primavera).


As indicated on the invitation, the price for dinner includes 1 general admission ticket for the 50th anniversary show to be held Saturday, June 4, at the Haviland Middle School. Details for the show can be found on the attached flyer. These tickets will be available at the ticket booth prior to the show. Additional tickets can be purchased as indicated on the flyer.


We have several past chorus directors who will be attending and who have chosen to direct the chorus in the show. Quartets that will be participating include the Footlighters and Swing Shift in the show as well as at the dinner. If your quartet would like to be included in the Friday night program, let me know. Know that we plan on giving any quartet an opportunity to sing. Is the Fortran IV still around?



If you plan on staying at the Poughkeepsie Grand over the 50th anniversary weekend, a block of rooms has been set aside for Friday and Saturday night. The rate is $159 per night plus tax and includes breakfast. When calling the Grand to make your reservation (845-485-5300) just say you’re with the Newyorkers Chorus to get the reduced rate. Conversely, see the list of other area hotels and motels below.



We are in the process of compiling a slide show chronicling the Newyorkers over the last 50 years. While we have been able to find selected articles of memorabilia, we’re still lacking photographs of the chorus, past chapter quartets, as well as photos of individual members. We’re also missing several show programs (see the list of years below). If you have any photos, show programs or other “stuff” in your personal Newyorker archives, we’d like to have them. If you can provide a scanned version that would be best, Conversely, if you send us the originals, we’ll scan them here and

return them to you. Rest assured, we’ll take good care of them. Please provide any information you have to go with the photos especially names and dates. You can email your photos to me at or contact me to make other arrangements. We hope to have the slide show compiled in a suitable format, with music, for distribution to all who attend.



We have planned for a small afterglow at Aloy’s Garden Restaurant in Poughkeepsie following the show on Saturday. We are finalizing the arrangements for this, and will provide additional details very soon.



Check the list of members past and present for whom we have contact information. If you don’t see someone you know, please get that information to Eric Dickstein so we’ll be sure to get in touch with him. We are

also presently compiling a list of names of all Newyorkers over the past 50 years.


We have contacted five of the 7 founding members of the chapter. They include Bill James, Bruce Slack, Rudy Veltre, Steve Plumb and George Nagy. The remaining two, Bill Beneshan and Bill Heydman are among the missing. The committee has started a search for the whereabouts of the “Bills” and their families. Steve Plumb noted that his last contact with Bill Heydman was around 1971 when he, Bill, was working in Endicott. If anyone has any information about where either is now, or where they were at some time in the past, or any names of family members, we’d like to know. It may make tracking them down a little easier.



In our original planning we had considered chartering a boat for a trip on the Hudson for Sunday June 5. We have since concluded that this would be cost prohibitive for the chapter. However, there may still be an opportunity for a trip afloat if we simply join a regularly scheduled cruise. If you think you might be interested in this, please contact Larry Rand. If we see enough interest we will try to make some arrangements.


There’s a lot going on. The Committee is working on a lot of ideas to make this a memorable event. Feel free to contact any member if you have any thoughts, concerns or questions.


The Newyorkers want you to be a part of this great experience. We can’t wait to see, and hear, you!


Steve Miller

Newyorkers Chorus

Celebrating 50 years of harmony in 2011



Steve Miller, Committee Chair, Show Staff -

Scott Salladin, Secretary, RSVP for dinner, show ticket sales, program ad sales -

Eric Dickstein, Web Master, Show Staff, Member Contact --

Rick Greenop, Public Relations -

Larry Rand, Committee –

Frank Ruggiero, Committee –

John Chisholm, Committee –

Dick Schaffer, Committee –

Bob Chieffo -

Duke Nachbar, Committee (no e-mail)

Bill Standish, Committee, Show Staff -

Mike Monkowski, Committee, Show Staff –

Ron Pierson, Committee, Show Staff –



Anything before 1968?

1982 1998 2000

1983 1999 2003

1984 2004

1985 2007



Happy Newyorkers 50th Anniversary Year!

The Newyorkers are excited about the chapters upcoming 50th anniversary this year. We are working on the plans for what will undoubtedly be a great experience.

 We are planning a multi-day event which will begin on Friday June 3. A reception and dinner will be held at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel beginning at 7:30PM . A one hour reception with hors d'oeuvres and open bar will be followed by dinner. As can be imagined, the evenings festivities will be intertwined with singing.

 On Saturday June 4, the Newyorkers will present their 50th Anniversary show beginning at 3PM. The show will be open to the public.

 The committee is working on a 50 years of the Newyorkers theme for the show. The Newyorkers Chorus will perform and past directors and quartets are invited to participle in the show. We will also provide all other past Newyorkers the opportunity to perform on stage with the chorus.

 The cost of the dinner and show together is $50 per person. The current chorus and chapter quartets are presently working through the details of the weekends festivities and additional details will follow as the date approaches.

 Right now the committee needs to get an idea of the number of people who will be attending the dinner. If you as a director or quartet would like to participate in the show, please contact us as soon as possible. The Newyorkers want this to be a memorable occasion for all. It will be more so the more people we have involved.



If you have any Newyorkers memorabilia such as photos, programs, newspaper articles, or verbal history we would like to have it for planning purposes and for presentation during the weekend. You may send scanned images of memorabilia and written history via e-mail. You may also send your material to us and we will scan it here and return the originals to you. We hope to be able to disseminate all material and provide it to each attendee on a CD for posterity.


Other Newyorkers

We have compiled a list of Newyorkers for whom we have contact information, i.e., e-mail, address, phone number. Please review the list and let us know of anyone whos name you dont see and for whom you have contact information. Again we want to reach as many past Newyorkers as possible.
Click Here to see our Newyorkers Family



If your quartet would like to participate in the show please contact us and give us an idea of what songs you might perform. Currently we are limiting this to two songs on the show, but feel free to provide us will any ideas you might have regarding your performance. We would like to accommodate as many past quartets as possible.



We want all past directors to have the opportunity to also perform on the show. The easiest option is for you to direct the chorus on a song currently or recently in the chorus repertoire. We will make arrangements for you to work with the chorus on Saturday morning to rehearse. Alternatively, if you would like to direct some other song, the chorus will attempt to learn it before June. If you can provide sheet music and audio learning tracts, that would make the learning process that much easier. We will make every effort to accommodate you in this regard. As you can well imagine, this option will be more time consuming and difficult to pull off.


Click here for other Accommodations

The Poughkeepsie Grand has reserved a block of rooms for the Newyorkers for the anniversary weekend at $159/night. Alternatively, we will provide a list of other local establishments you may contact for reservations.


As noted, more information will be forthcoming as the planning proceeds. Please take a moment now to respond if you plan to attend and/or participate in the festivities. The Newyorkers look forward to an exciting 50th anniversary and hope you will able to join us in June.


Steve Miller, Chairman

Newyorkers 50th Anniversary Committee

Contact Information: 


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